In English

My written English is rusty …

so world readers, my apologies …. but you can always use an online translator

I use google’s one (although not translate everything correctly … but you get a very good notion of the post)

Well a litle bit about me:
I am a world citizen as I like to say …
For now in Portugal …
My refuge, is nature …
I love to create, reuse, fend … learn …
I take care of  human lives, at most of time.

but It’s difficult to just write one profession …
because for me,
life is always a sea of learning to be acquired …
no needing to have titles …
only wisdom to define myself …

About the blog:

With this blog I want to show that you can create a garden apartment, with no major complications, that can be most biological and ecological.

My local experience is my home … Balcony at 2m by 1m … and the whole house,railings, awning …
I’m lucky because my balcony is facing south, and its corners, can enjoy the all kinds of different days lights… but when it gets too hot, the plants have a refugein in to the north of the house.

My helpers are my Cat Mia, who goes by chopping the leaves of cabbage, spinach. … and Budgerigar Kiko, which tests the quality of lettuce.

My knowledge  ….is from the online survey, some workshops, books more books … and ancient wisdom.

I hope to share the moments of this particular adventure, exchanging experiences and learning.

Oh yes…I’m a super rookie in blogs!


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